The event Knights of the eclipse (or eclipse knights by its name in English) is about to start in League of Legends. This is the event that comes from the hand of the new batch of lunar and solar eclipse aspects, as well as a lot of missions with which to get very juicy rewards

All the news of the Eclipse Knights event

This event starts with the 12.8 patch of League of Legends, which has just reached the game and that you can review in full here. On this occasion he does not arrive with a new champion, although Bel’veth would have already leaked at all. What is completely new are sample goals

Sample goals

The definition of Riot Games is as follows: _ “Samples are promotions that last between two and three weeks, focus on a theme and offer new aspects of game champions and accessories.” _. The particularity is that they come along with missions that allow rewards.

During these periods it is possible to get a 750 rps sample capsule. They have the top shape and allow you to get 3 random -looking fragments and have the possibility of containing a surprise bag with more things.

As for the sample goals, they are a new type of booty goals that arrived with the previous patch 12.7. If we simplify it a lot, they are extra rewards by opening several select chests and capsules of the above.

Sample missions

These are the missions that we have spoken above. The list is available to be consulted under the list of friends in the client, but now we give you all the details of them. You will have to decipher a small riddle and then the different missions and their rewards will open:

What includes a sample?

This is an example of the sample of gentlemen of the eclipse


New champion and chromas packages

In addition to paying 290 RP for each Chroma, it is possible to acquire the following packs.

  • SIVIR ECLIPSE SOLAR AND SET OF CHROMAS (champion, sivir appearance solar eclipse, ruby, cat eye, tanzanita, pearl, pink quartz, obsidian) – 3165 rp
  • Kayle Devorasoles and Set of Chromas (champion, Kayle Devorasoles, Ruby, cat eye, pink quartz, turquoise, sapphire, tanzanita, pearl, obsidian) – 2925 rp
  • Senna Eclipse lunar and set of Chromomas (champion, appearance of senna lunar eclipse, ruby, citrine, emerald, sapphire, tanzanita, pink quartz, pearl, turquoise) – 3282 rp
  • Aatrox Eclipse Lunar and Set of Chromas (champion, Aatrox Eclipse lunar, ruby, pink quartz, sapphire, cat eye, tanzanita, turquoise, obsidian, pearl) – 3235 rp
  • Sejuani Eclipse Solar and Set of Chromas (champion, appearance of solar eclipse, ruby, citrine, emerald, aquamarine, tanzanita) – 3235 rp

Sample goals rewards