CALL OF DUTY: Vanguard Keep going to talk almost a month after its launch. The title of Sledgehammer Games is still full of some quite unpleasant mistakes that tarnish the experience.

After Bugs like the elevator, the players have given with strategic places in the maps of the multiplayer that allow them to become completely invisible, both for enemies and allies.

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The players of Cod Vanguard become invisible

As the Tweet shows published by Desert Intel, Currently there are two places that allow you to become completely invisible.

The first is at the map of demeans, the snow-covered map with a church in the middle. In fact, it is towards the tunnel, and then we see the player who touches and disappears completely under the snow.

The second and undoubtedly the most problematic, is the map of Tuscany. If we say it is the most problematic, it is because this map will be available at Call of Duty league and this defective point is under a box next to the pumps. In Search and destroy mode, it will be easy, if it is not corrected by then, stay hidden there while waiting for the opposing team to come and place the pump.

The study has not yet solved these errors, so it is possible that more failures like this appear in new places. However, we can expect that Sledgehammer Games Solve this problem quickly, as it can become very restrictive.

In addition, we remind you that you still have a few days to complete the Pacific secret challenges. Season 1 of Vanguard and War zone will begin on December 8 and will allow the implementation of new content.

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