In Cat Cafe Manager, players will have the opportunity to find an eternal house for their favorite cats. You will find various suggestions on the bulletin board of the community, where all the types of customers have placed requests for the adoption of cats. To find the perfect forever home For cats in Cat Cafe Manager, players must match Customer Types ‘Needs Cat Skills .

How to find a suitable Forever Home in Cat Cafe Manager

Although at first players begin with one cat, over time they will enjoy and share up to five cats. You will need to raise the level and improve the skills of each cat to unlock new features. To improve feline skills, players will need to make friends with them and take them later. This will lead them in a cafe and attract citizens.

As soon as their level of qualification becomes high, visit the community’s bulletin boards to check customer type queries. For example, cats with business skills will find a suitable Forever Home with Businesspeople Customers. Players will also receive Delight bonus awards depending on the skills of the corresponding cat. The following list shows how much delight will be rewarded for each level:

Cat Cafe Manager Gameplay! | Let's Play: Cat Cafe Manager | Ep 1

  • Level from the first to the fifth: 100

  • Level from the sixth to the tenth: 350
  • Level from the eleventh Fifteenth: 750
  • Level from the sixteenth month twentieth: 1000

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