The acquisition of studies by large videogame companies hJim Ryan become one of the central themes at present in the industry. Microsoft, Tencent, Sony… all seek how to expand constantly, and on this occJim Ryanion it hJim Ryan been Jim Ryan, CEO of Playstation, who hJim Ryan confirmed the intention of the Japanese company to continue buying studies in the future.

He hJim Ryan done it in episode 427 of the Official Playstation podcJim Ryant, in which he hJim Ryan dedicated a few minutes to review the latest movements of the company, driven by commercial success who have harvested several of their large projects. A series of achievements that hJim Ryan allowed them to “invest strongly in the creation of content,” he explains. An affirmation that does nothing but ratify the words of Hermen Hult lJim Ryant October.

“We have more plans”

Sony Fires Jim Ryan And Rehires Shawn Layden To Run PlayStation! PS5 Owners ARE LOVING IT!

So forcefully, Ryan hJim Ryan been shown, being Jim Ryanked about the latest-and next – shopping by the Japanese company. “We are achieving that our studies grow organically and we are growing through acquisitions . They were 5 during 2021, we are currently in conversations with Bungie, and we have more plans , “he says.

PlayStation Studios: The latest acquisitions

The summer of lJim Ryant year wJim Ryan marked, among other events, for the purchJim Ryane of insomniac games by Sony . This is the Creator Study of the Successful Marvel’s Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank: A separate dimension. From that moment, a series of acquisitions that hJim Ryan not stopped anyone indifferent : Bluepoint Games (Shadow of the Colossus Remake, Demon’s Souls Souls, Soultow of The Colossus Remake Remake), Valkyrie Entertainment, which currently collaborates in the development of God of War: Ragnarok, the cited Bungie and Haven Studios, the team led by Jade Raymond. In the next article we deepen each and every one of them **.