It is already curios: just in the ghost gaming season 2020/21, the entrance to the Arena in the city forest built to an impregnable fortress. Although the support of the fans was missing, Frankfurt was not a single home game. Only FC Bayern scored even better at home.

In this season, on the other hand, no one must be afraid of Frankfurt before the trip. On the contrary, the forest stadium is so easy to conquer like a sandcastle on the beach. In the home table, the Hesse occupies with 17 points from 15 games only rank 16. So bad was the balance sheet since the introduction of the three-point rating 1995/96 only twice: 2003/04 stood after 15 home games only 16 points to beech, 2006 / 07 It was also 17.

The shortest way is to win the Europa League.

Oliver glassner

The cancellation of the audience restrictions and the return of active fans scene, Ultras included, does not seem to be inspiring the team at least in the league. By Hoffenheim’s defeat in Leipzig, the residue in 6th place remains only five points, but you already need a lot of fantasy to find out that the harmony in the remaining five games is still a successful catch-up. That after 29 match days not even the 40-point mark has been cracked, no one can satisfy anyone.

Oliver Glasner praised his team after the 1: 2 against the sports club although rightly for the high commitment – Frankfurt was the clear superior team, 8: 2 chances of playing and had bad luck that Jesper Lindström and Daichi Kamada in the Second half in their goals just in line with their goals. However, the coach should also think that his team dates despite the enormous effort at the end with empty hands. So undeserved that too, it would be so wrong would be due to the defeat alone for missing gaming.

10. April 202205: 08 minutes

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“We need many chances to get goals a bit through. We also have problems against low opponents, and if you are in arrears, of course, Freiburg defends well,” says sports board Markus Kröse and sums up: “With the performance Can we be satisfied, the guys have made a good game. Freiburg was extremely efficient. “

Goals on the silver tray

Freiburg’s Vincenzo Grifo (Li.) Meets in Frankfurt. Getty Images

Annoying does not only have to worry about its own termination weakness, but also about the much to cheap goals. Anyone who serves the opponent two goals on the silver tray will have it hard to leave the place as a winner in the Bundesliga in every game. According to Evan Ndicka’s misfight deeply in the opposing half, the team lost the order when defending the Freiburg Kolten completely the order. Like little boys, on the Bolzplatz all the pleasure of the ball behind the ball, four (!) Frankfurter to the ball-leading templateer Roland Sallai. Therefore, the right defensive side remained completely unprotected, which must first receive Tuta. Clear that a slit ear like Vincenzo Grifo did not ask twice.

in the season end spurt threatens disillusionment


The 1: 2 would have to be much better defended. Kristijan Jakic and Goncalo Paciencia simply granted Freiburg’s Edel-Joker Nils Petersen to Christian Günters long free-kick flank. Physical resistance? Funding.

Glasner does not want to participate in tabular credits, but he also becomes insulation that not too much is that his team will qualify for international competition over the league. “We are still there in Europe. The shortest path is to win the Europa League, then you are next season in the Champions League. And then we do not have to worry about whether we will reach the sixth place”, says the coach. None against words. Of course, however: should the sensation fail on Thursday in Barcelona, the great disillusionment threatens in the season end spurt.