⊙ Developer: Spiral House Ltd ⊙ Category: Simulation ⊙ Platform: PC ⊙ Released: 2022

RTX 3090 Mod - PC Building Simulator

The new work for users who want to save their own custom PCs, and whenever you purchase a new PC, and every time you purchase a new PC, you will be released soon. The ‘PC Building Simulator 2 (PC Building Simulator 2).

The ‘PC fabrication simulator’ is a simulation game that allows you to build and grow your own computer repairing business while diagnosing, repairing, and making PCs. It is a feature of this series that plans and completes their own ‘ultimate PC’ through actual components and comprehensive hardware and software simulations that have been licensed from multiple computer parts companies. In 2019, the first title ‘PC production simulator’ was officially released through steam, and has been evaluated for ‘very positive’ through more than 30,000 user reviews.

New ‘PC production simulator 2′ also emerces more than 1,200 parts that have been officially certified from several companies in the industry, including AMD, Intel and NVIDIA. In addition, it will provide a variety of new functions that help you easily learn new carrier modes, more enhanced graphics, and PC productions that are about 30 hours.

‘PC production simulator 2’ is expected to release exclusively in 2022 through the Epic Games Store. Before the launch of the series new work, the 60% discount event of the previous ‘PC fabrication simulator’ is being held in steam. Discount events are carried out until the coming 15 days.