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Author: Auradin

Pejcinovic immediately stabs: German U 17 wins for the EM

The German team led by coach Marc-Patrick Meister was initially exposed to stormy attacks by the Italians and was able to say of luck that it was not in arrears early. Di Maggio failed on the attentive keeper Seimen (6th), four minutes later the Stuttgart had had no chance – but Bruno left the huge chance, shot freely in front of the goal.

The DFB team woke up, driven by the strong Wanner, only really after 20 minutes. The Munich solo was not yet successful (21st), but shortly afterwards he initiated the lead. Wanner started again to the solo, but failed with the left of keeper Magro. The leather ended up with detours by Weiper, who was headed for Bishop. The Hoffenheimer had little trouble to start from a short distance.

The Bayern talent marked the second goal himself – and how. After Weiper’s throw -in, he first curved Chiarodia and then Magro, then to push the right into the empty goal – 2-0 for the German U 17.

Italy had to shake properly, but did it with success. Bolzan missed the next 100 % (41.), but after a mistake by Fritschi, Bruno managed to make the highly deserved goal shortly before the break.

Italy compensates – but then Pejcinovic comes

Shortly after the restart, the Italians were finally back in the game: the leather hiked to the right to Vacca, who found Bolzan with a flat cross. He initially had problems with the ball acceptance, but in the second attempt he circled the leather into the far corner (48th).

So the lead was playful, but master still had an ace her sleeve. Pejcinovic, who came for Wanner, was only a few seconds in the field when he was used by Ulrich and secured it safely in front of the goal with the left alone – 3: 2, 56th minute.

The DFB team then had a few chances of making the decision, for example three times through Weiper (63rd, twice in added time) and Raebiger (80th), but every time the strong goalkeeper Magro was on hand. But Germany’s keeper also caught a good day: the Bolzan header lamp would have ended up on the net, but Seimen had long and prevented the compensation (86.).

After four minutes of stoppage it was d1. The DFB team prevailed against an extremely strong opponent and will meet Luxembourg next Thursday (4.30 p.m.) next Thursday (4.30 p.m.).

Remedy Returns to Max Paynen – Renewal Versions from two first parts were unveiled

Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne - FULL GAME - No Commentary
Domestic Remedy told his working with new values max Payne _ \ – and _Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne classics.
Rockstar Games is responsible for funding and publication.

Renewal versions that are published as one title will be developed for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S | X and PC with Remedy’s own NorthLight game engine.
The Rockstar-funded project budget corresponds to “Remedy’s typical AAA level production”.
The development work published today is only well at the beginning of the conceptual stage, so there is no more detailed information on the publishing window.

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