Not all skills in Ember Knights are created equally. Fortunately, many of the best give you early. It strongly depends on your battle style, so we divided them onions and sword. You can have only two skills at the same time, but we have shown three that work very well, and you can switch if necessary.

The best skills for choosing Ember Knights depending on your weapon

Players playing on swords rely on the ability to enter, cut a bunch and jump when necessary. They are tanks and can very quickly apply great damage. These players need skills that complement this style of battle.

best sword skills

  • Knight’s jerk

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* In combination with the attack immediately after completion of combat quickly. If you are experienced enough, you can kill enemies along a chain, as it has two charges.
* Frosty wall

* It freezes enemies in front of you. Best if the enemies are stuck so that you can apply a big damage immediately. Several times they saved the freezing of enemies.
  • chakram
    • It will come in handy to run away and attack. Skill bounces off the player and on enemies up to three times. It is ideal for a player who needs to be near the enemies. This skill has two charges, so you can use it a lot.

The combat fighter is a long-range fighter. This player relies on speed and long-distance strikes to apply more blows without losing health. Their abilities must complement this strategy.

Best Luke Skills

  • explosive bomb
    • This is the best trap, because it does not explode until the enemy approaches or does not pass for a few seconds. Throw this bomb into enemies to inflict a serious blow to their health.
  • Clavician arrows
    • He has three charges that in any case makes it an excellent choice. When this skill is used, it sends magic balls into enemies that are far away, causing damage. He can also adapt to flight to aim on the enemies who are trying to dodge.
  • cyclone
    • When you find yourself in a difficult position, it is salvation. He repels the enemies and stuns them, giving you enough time to slip out and take a favorable position.

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