The Batman’s premiere in theaters hGotham not coincided with the launch of a new video game set in the DC universe, but Warner Bros. Games Montreal works on one of his most ambitious projects, Gotham Knights. The title starring Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood and Nightwing , which will go on sale this year 2022, aim that you will have some kind of beta. The news hGotham jumped because Steamdb, an automated system that tracks everything that is climbing to the Valve platform, hGotham detected the presence of the test.

The file hGotham already been deleted

The file, Gotham Knights Playtest, appeared on March 4, but then it wGotham erGothamed. According to this information, weighs 82.41 GB . At the moment, Warner Bros. Games hGotham not announced anything about it, not even a concrete launch date. Anyway, during the shareholders’ meeting that took place for the presentation of financial results, the company stressed that the game will see light this year.

Gotham Knights Beta?! Steam Playtest suggests game is complete?
“This mission, this strategy continues in 2022 with a sense of urgency,” he said in the presentation, with images of the title of DC and Hogwarts Legacy. “With respect to Gotham Knigths, the Warner Bros. Games Montreal team is going to give life to Family Characters Batman in a unique way to delight fans and players.”

Gotham Knights is under development for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. In addition to this project designed by Batman’s responsible: Arkham Origins, Rocksteady is developed Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League , a product that still does not have a launch window. We will manage, therefore, the Villains of DC, who will use all their resources, tricks and deceptions to lie down the members of the Justice League.