The most impressive NEW Quest 2 game of 2022 so far // Vox Machinae is VR mech perfection!
Canada Indie Belpers Space Bullet Dynamics Corporation delivers V1.0 updates to VR compatible action “ VOX Machinae ” on March 4, and launched Meta Quest 2 version.

“Vox Machinae” is an action game that manipulates a mecha called a grinder at a cockpit point. Early access is conducted from Normal PC and PC VR without VR.

# Story mode that can be played with one person implemented

This time, a V1.0 update was delivered to implement a single play campaign that can enjoy a new story in this work with multiplayer.

In the single-play of this update that is considered to be the largest largest scale, the magnificent story draws the active crew activity to protect the resources of the mining company as a stage, and a full voice and 10 hours or more You can enjoy with the amount of content. BGM that combates battle and huge bosses are also listed at the point of interest.

Also, the current continuation early access is terminated with March 10, overseas time and formalization .

# New Meta Quest 2 version is released

In addition, Meta (formerly Oculus) Quest 2 edition, which can be enjoyed by VR machine alone without PC environment, was newly released. It also supports crossbar with the OCULUS RIFT version already on sale.

In the Development Secret Talk of the QUEST 2 edition published at the end of the past month, although the first quest was not supposed to be aware of the response in terms of performance, the possibility of the second generation quest 2 floats. In parallel with the development of a single campaign, we will promote the optimization of models and codes for Quest 2 as PC version while obtaining support from 2014 Oculus (current Meta). That was. It has been revealed that you can play comfortably with confidence through careful tasks in a month.

Not only matching and cooperative multi play but also single play, “Vox Machinae” is currently delivering early access version for 2,570 yen / 2,990 yen in PC (Steam / Oculus Rift Store). The newly appeared Meta Quest 2 edition is also delivered for 2,990 yen in the Quest store. Each of the cross platform play is also supported.

In addition, it is announced this time that the price will rise in the formal time of March 10, and this time, and the STEAM version is considered to be the same price as the RIFT version already pulled up.