Group Ugly has actually dated its arrival to Steam in 2023 , and also the summary of the title, the research guarantees a deeply relocating narrative that we will certainly need to find while we decipher the cobwebs that dims the previous of our lead character: The mirror discloses whatever… yet beware. In some cases, the reality is ugly.

Ugly was already highlighting in Spain at the PlayStation Awards, where he managed, is that the artistic section achieved by the Catalan study Group Ugly is an actual lovely.

The game creates its activity on a mirrors mechanics where we can trade our protagonist for the dismal representation of him. This will certainly enable us to solve riddles and also travel the wicked world that surrounds us, packed with keys as well as stuck in the disaster: logic as well as capacity will offer their hands in this trip of Self-reflection **.

The study describes Ugly as a twisted and dark fairy story where nothing is. We will have to advance through the minds of a tormented noble, exploring the barren corners of his subconscious, dealing with tough challenges and defeating imposing managers in which they have actually defined as a play of pluzles reflective .