Freedom Games launched the Roost Games Development Simulation “ Cat Cafe Manager ” and released the trailer.

This game is a single-play work to operate the character from the viewpoint of overlooking the management of the cat cafe.

Player is a quiet village Catawall Way where the cat lives, and from the grandmother who died, take over the ruined cat cafe and challenge reconstruction and management as an owner.

In actual play, the cafe is designed to design and decorate the cafe from the construction of furniture, employing the staff working at the store, taking care of the local stray cat and invites as a kitten, It is said that various elements can be enjoyed, such as interaction with local people and regular customers, and the mystery of the wolf that scolds the ancient cat god in the forest.

Cat Cafe Manager - Release Date Announcement - PC & Switch

Life as a cat cafe owner will wait for you! Your grandmother died in a quiet village of Catawall Way, died of a small cafe… Reto rebuild there, impress the locals, and build friendship with local cats, up to you. Now, let’s rip up the sleeves of clothes and assemble the tools and make a creative coffee. Your cat cafe is a fun chat, a delicious menu, (and of course) interaction with a cat, and can be a spot of town rumor.

A lot of cute cats live in Catawall Way. Easy, the name represents the body! By delighting the villagers, the cafe will be a new home of every1. If you loosen the residents’ tongue in delicious food, you may help you find a juicy secret of Catawall Way…

From a small and simple games, a small-scale simple game, a “Cat Cafe Manager” that has been finished in a full-fledged business simulation that adds the character’s depth and mystery, for the PC and Nintendose switch, STEAM / EPIC GAMES During the store / minintendo store.

STEAM usually 20% off the 20% off until April 22, EPIC Games Store usually 20% off 1,664 yen until 1 am on April 22, 2,080 yen on the switch It is sold by.