According to several user testimonies, Sony voluntarily suspended the renewals of the PlayStation Plus and the PlayStation Now subscriptions while waiting for the arrival of its grouped offer. It could be a response to a gaping flaw in the commercial transition started by the manufacturer.

Many players have therefore faced the same obstacle when prolonging their PS Plus or PS Now subscription for a few days, according to the messages of messages left on Resetera or on the official PlayStation channels. The operation would simply be impossible, and we have not been able to carry it out on our side either – we have led to a systematic error message.

Sony Temporarily Disables The Ability To Redeem or Stack PS Plus and PS Now Cards Due To Loophole

According to the testimonies of different users who contacted Sony’s customer service and who have been relayed on VGC, it would be a temporary problem and the manufacturer would ask everyone to wait for the new PS more, which will arrive On June 22, to extend their subscription. Recall that at that date, PS Plus and PS Now will merge to become only one and the same service, divided into three levels of services, which will include, according to the chosen offer, a game catalog and streaming.

If Sony has not yet confirmed anything officially, it could be a rustine, aimed at correcting a flaw in the transition process from one generation of offer to the other. The firm had indeed promised to transform the PS now subscriptions into PS plus premium – the highest grade of its new subscription – thus allowing players paying 59.99 euros per year to access a service that will cost 119.99 euros per year. Many Internet users rushed on PS Now gift cards, and had subscribed to the service over several years.

For more details on the functioning of the new PlayStation Plus, we invite you to read Jarod’s words in the brief dedicated to him.