As a result of the official announcement of the new PlayStation Plus Service, the information confirmed that Sony’s popular first party productions in none of the three levels of the subscription will be included directly after publication.

Now some well-known analysts have come to this step. While most of them were that the lack of exclusive games, the Sony model will cost a lot of attraction compared to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, but the opinions differed with regard to the expected scope of the decision.

According to Piers Harding Rolls from Ampere Analysis, Sony could compensate for the lower attraction of the service, for example, by an aggressive strategy:

“I think Sony will be more aggressive in terms of the time window between the publication of new games and integration and the addition of newly published third-party productions.”

On the question of how the decision will affect the success of the service, Michael Goodman of Strategy Analytics replied as follows:

“That’s a question that will ultimately dictate the market.”

“Microsoft publishes its titles directly at the subscription was a crucial factor for your success. We will see how important the playstation fans is. “

“There are also arguments that it is not so important. Nintendo has done great work with Nintendo Switch online. It was very successful, although it only contains older games. “

“However, the great growth of Microsoft took place when they published from day one in subscription. It is worth noting that they do not compete against each other in this regard. They mainly address their existing installation base. “

Goodman additionally realizes that, unlike 40% of the Xbox owners, which also have Xbox Game Pass Membership, only about 5% of the PlayStation users currently name a PlayStation Nov subscription. This will now be able to convince from the new subscription service.

According to IDCS Lewis Ward, the new structure will probably pay off exactly due to the previously comparatively low subscriber number:

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“We’ll see if Sony reveals anything about how the subscribers divide into steps over time, but it does not seem to be a high level of bar to keep premium subscribers in 2022 on or above the four million mark [Current IDC estimate for PS NOW subscribers], while at the same time a considerable new extra subscriber base is gained on download only. “