In addition to the free games and discounts Sony also packs a special goodie in the monthly content for PS plus. Also in May you can rejoice again about a free bonus. This time, fans of Call of Duty: Warzone at their expense, because punctually at the beginning of Season 3 you can sack some content that will make you easier (via PlayStation).

At the beginning of May, the free “Odyssey Combat Pack” is waiting for you. Sony has been a close partnership with Activision for several years, which always brings us bonus content on the PlayStation. However, with the acquisition of the Publisher by Microsoft, however, it should end in the foreseeable future.

stuck this content in the cod pack

  • Legendary Bushwacker Operator Skin for Padmavati Balan
  • Legendaire Heavy Foliage and Gold Hawk Weapon Bluepals
  • Epic Clock, Talisman, Emblem and Calling Card
  • 60-minute Double XP Boost

The complete PS plus offer for May will be revealed in the coming week and unlocked on 4 May. Season 3 of Warzone starts a week before, on April 27.

Also Godzilla and King Kong are included in Season 3:

Community with April-Lineup dissatisfied

Whether Sony wants to reconcil the community with the bonus Goodie? The free games for April definitely did not matter very well and even caused some fans threatening a notice.

What was the problem? With SpongeBob Squarepants Rehydrated, at least a game came to many with many. However, the community was particularly disappointed by the actual Headliner of the Month: Hood: Outlaws and Legends. As the “Totes MulitPlayer game” the title was called and Sony accused to increase only the number of players for the above-average game.

More news about PS Plus:

  • PS plus will have “all the big names” in the future, but probably rarely to the launch
  • PS PLUS: Do not worry, the PS5 Collection remains
  • PS plus as ‘price trap’: Sony finally offers solution for accidental subscription extension

When does the new PS Plus appear?

Ps plus will soon be completely wrappered . The service is merged by Sony with the streaming service PS NOW and divided into three “stages”. If you only want to use your PS plus as before, this is still possible with the cheapest subscription for the same price. When exactly it go, Sony has not revealed to us, but at the latest in summer it should be ready.

All information about the merger of PS PLUS and PS NOW, you get here:

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PS PLUS May 2022 FREE PS4/PS5 Games We'd LOVE To Get (PS+ PlayStation Plus May Predictions)

740 games on a prank: In the higher levels, your games are likely to play for all home browsers of Sony and stream with the most expensive subscription. Whole 740 PlayStation title should give it to the launch of the service, most of them for PS4 and PS5. But even for retro fans a lot should be offered.

Get the free DLC pack for COD?