For several years, Dyson has been multiplying ambitious projects off electro-household. After invested 2.24 billion dollars in an electric car that was finally abandoned, the English brand has just revealed on Wednesday, March 30, 2022 the arrival of an active noise-reduced audio headset, equipped with a Air purifier, whose design recalls the devices that can be seen in science fiction films. Called “Dyson Zone”, the device is the result of 6 years of development, nearly 500 prototypes made before reaching the object that can be seen in photo and videos. Dyson even explains that at all departure, the helmet was connected to a backpack that contained all filtration equipment before becoming the standalone helmet that can be seen today.

Dyson Zone Is Real: How the Air-Purifying Headphones Work

Industrial secret that has been secretly kept during all these years, this Dyson Zone once again proves this desire for the British business to diversify in connected objects, with this notion of struggle tale the great ills of our world of today HUI: Noise, pollution and microbes. We remember that Razer has created its anti-covid mask equipped with Chroma RGB, so it’s Dyson’s turn to show us how we combine listening to the opportunity to breathe in large cities around the world. And if the Dyson helmet makes no mention for anti-COVD use, it is because the project started many years before the arrival of the viral pandemic.

In the first place, the Dyson Zone is a supra-ear helmet that aims to isolate ourselves with all the noise pollution that can assack us on a daily basis, especially if we live in a big city. Like the major noise-reduced audio helmet manufacturers, the Dyson Signed apparatus does not have less than 8 microphones that capture the outer noise and then cancel them. If the audio part is not developed in the press release, it is to focus on all the technology that has been put in place to filter the air. It is therefore learned that the Dyson Zone is equipped with two batteries at its hoop, but that each headset contains neodymium speakers in which compressors that recover the ambient air, filter it and then send it towards the mouth of the user. Dyson claims a 99% filtration level through the use of potassium-enriched charcoal filters. Again, there are many years of reflection to combine this technology and in the video presentation of the helmet, we realize that the first prototypes integrated a tuba that connected the helmet to the mouth of the user. According to Jake Dyson, Chief Engineer at Dyson, it was a real challenge:

Air pollution is a global problem – it affects us wherever we go. At home, at school, at work and in our travel, whether on foot, bike or public transport or private. The Dyson Zone purifies the air you breathe during your movements. And unlike the facial masks, it delivers a fresh aircrape without touching your face, using high performance filters and two miniaturized air pumps. After six years of development, we are delighted to provide pure air and pure sound, anywhere.

If Dyson confesses having left a subcontractor to take care of the entire audio party (which is not well detailed in the press release), the entire air purification system has been managed internally, with all The know-how of the brand known for its vacuum cleaners, fans and other hairdryers that often cost a fortune when we must not resell a kidney to pay 1. According to the data sheet, the Dyson Zone would offer a 40-hour autonomy for audio and 6 hours of use when headphones and air purification are used together. At present, only the site The Verge has been able to test this Dyson area that seems to keep its promises. The only black point evoked lies in the noise of the filtration system that remains unfortunately audible, and that it will be necessary to correct for not harming its use. For the time being, no tariffs have been communicated, but Dyson announces marketing during the year 2023 no more details. Obviously know that it is not an April Fool, since the device is presented on the official website of the manufacturer.