To ensure additional telecommunications service stability, the so-called netflix law has been designated by Google, Meta Platform (old Facebook), Netflix service, Naver, and Cacao.

Netflix law operators are more than 1 million older users, more than 1 million years of users, and domestic incurred traffic is more than 1% of total traffic traffic.

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In order to secure the stability of major additional communication services, the Ministry of Science and Technology Information The Department of Information and Communications Department says that the New Year’s duty target operator is designated according to Article 22 of the Article 22 of the Telecommunication Business Act.

In addition, the domestic agency designated by the domestic office for the use of the domestic office for the user’s protection The duties of the domestic agency designated duties are the target operators of each agent as Google and Meta Platforms, respectively, Trans Cosmos Korea, Privacy Agent Korea.

Netflix is ​​a domestic salesman Netflix Service Cisis Korea directly carries out user protection.

The Occharacterial Ministry notified the results of designation to each provider. We plan to confirm the target operator during February through opinions.

In addition, additional telecommunications operators who are not specified as a duty target operator will also recommend a guideline for ‘securing the service stability of the’ supplementary telecommunications carriers in December last year to provide reliable services to the user.

“Since December in 20020, the Changchang-ri of the Changchung Department The Ministry of Communications Policy,” Since then, since December in 2020 has been enforced, domestic and overseas duties have been actively driven by domestic and overseas duties, said.

“This year, we will minimize disability through the advanced stability of the main VAT telecommunication provider, and will be minimized to the policy operation to ensure that the user protection of overseas operators is faithful through the domestic agency system.”