Dragon Age 4 News Update: Marketing/Production Updates, Christian Dailey Departure & Fan Council!

The development of Dragon Age 4 is moving well. However, it seems that he has just lost an important leader. His executive producer Christian Dailey decided to say goodbye to Bioware.

“I wanted to convey the news I leave BioWare,” Daily confirmed on social networks. “The next Dragon Age is in good hands.

Even though the former Dragon Age Developer 4 leaves the studio, he informed the players’ community that he will always be “Hâte to encourage the team and play as a fan.

“Always we continue our trip, we wanted to wish Christian Dailey a sincere goodbye from Bioware_,” said General Manager Gary McKay. “The game industry is constantly changing and sometimes people want to try new things.

Dailey started with Bioware in 2018. He then took over as an executive producer of the studio after the departure of Mark Darrah in December 2020. He was _ “a great influence” on their “games and management team” and “and _More recently as an executive producer on the development of Dragon Age.

“It will be missing as a friend as a colleague”, have continued the developers.

For the moment, Daley did not provide more details on his future projects. However, he suggested joking that he could follow the traces of Darrah and become a streamer. Although he did not reveal why he had decided to leave the studio in the development of Dragon Age 4, he suggested that it was an amicable separation.

Dragon Age 4 is currently _ “In the middle of the production._” right now, the team is “executing on the plan.”

“Our plan was completed last year,” added McKay. “_Dun, we are now focusing on the construction of our vision, the creation of incredible environments, deep characters, a strong gameplay, a percussive writing, emotional cinematics and much more.”. “

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