The Bamberger teenager was due to his commitment on Wednesday evening at 97:78 in own hall against S.Oliver Würzburg for the recent recorded player since the digital data collection for the season 1998/99.

Shortly before the end of the franc derbys, the APPORTOR’s last instructions from coach Oren Amiel got a pat on the back and was allowed to spend the last 40 seconds of the game in the parquet. Martin Kalu (then Rasta Vechta) had set up the previous youth base in the season 20/21 at the age of 16 and nine days.

Heckmann falls out several months

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In particular, the Bamberger had to cope with a personnel setback before the game against Würzburg before 731 viewers. National Patrick Heckmann will be several months for a foot surgery. The 29-year-old will also be missing in the two World Cup qualifiers against Israel (25th and 28th of February). The wing player could last play only under syringes. At Heckmann, a unstable bone fragment was removed and reconstructed a tendon on the bone.