Shortly before the end of the Regular Season in New York, the vaccine mandate was lifted and the Unstopped Kyrie Irving was able to complete a home game for the first time in this season. After the bankruptcy against the Charlotte Hornets, the 30-year-old was grateful.

“I just tried today to stay on the ground as well as possible,” Irving said. “I take everything that happened today, not for course; It was historical. I am grateful that I had the chance to be out there with my brothers.”

'Freedom': Kyrie Irving reflects on journey back to court following home debut | NBA on ESPN
Irving could not complete a home game up to the 110: 119 defeat against the Hornets in this season, because he did not want to vacate against Covid-19. However, the vaccine mandate for athletes and entertainers was repealed last week.

“Tonight my presence was greater outdoors than the basketball game,” Irving said. “I have reproduced many individuals who are in a similar situation like me. Now where I can play, I think we should be open for everyone.”

Irving came in the game to 16 points and 11 assists, but was not so accurate as last (6/22 FG) and could not prevent the defeat. “It was not the result I wanted,” said the Point Guard, who once again explained his motivation for the vaccination refusal that cost him large parts of the Regular Season.

Kyrie Irving: “Nobody who enslaves me”

“I made it very clear that it was never just about me,” Irving said. “It was not about this season not to relate just one position. I wanted to make sure I’m going to do that, what I believe for freedom. I think this word is not defined in our society. Freedom, decisions to make for yourself, without anyone saying what to do. “

Irving was not allowed to participate in away games, since the Nets originally decided not to deal with him as part-time players. Various failures in the course of the Corona Pandemic led to the fact that they have been revised this decision for a long time – the game against Charlotte was Irvings 22. Use this season.

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“I am for freedom, in all aspects of my life. There is no one who enslaves me, nobody who tells me what I should do,” Irving said, “I did not forget anything anyone about me said.”