Now and then it happens that you are at one point of a video game. Whether a challenging level or a tricky boss — when you fail again and again, this leads to frustration. A new function of Sony could soon reach you under my arms.

Sony: New patent should support you

Video games are not always easy. Rows such as Dark Souls bring players to their limits again and again and in other games there are places where it simply does not want to flap.

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Sony is probably aware of this problem and therefore reached a patent for a technology in June 2020, which should ensure that fewer controllers will fly through the area or games will not be terminated prematurely.

On the 30th of December 2021 this was finally waved and so maybe the way for a practical function was legend.

How should that work with the support?

No, no one will come by Sony and help you over the difficult situation in the game, but the technology of the targeted system should not only recognize if your performance falls below a specific limit, but then help you according to your skills.

Disconnect too many mistakes or repeatedly fails to the wrong place that is important for the gameplay, the system should recognize and intervene. The technology starts then to record your gameplay. A UI is created and show you how to master the whole thing in the end.

Whether and when the system is implemented and which games would be in question, is not yet known. Not all patents are also implemented in the end. However, it could ensure that that the fun is preserved and more games are actually played through.