As is typical, Netflix has announced the new list of titles that will arrive at the transmission service, as well as those that will leave next month. As it is less typical, the announcement also indicates that a new videogame will be directed to the platform as part of the relatively new Netflix Games initiative. More specifically, April 2022 ads for Netflix include the fact that video game its relics: rebels will soon arrive at the service.

“Shoot and run through colorful levels while you create and improve dozens of weapons,” Netflix’s description of relics: Rebels_ reads partly. “Defeat the Ducan Empire and brings peace to a divided planet.”

You can see a screen capture of relics: rebels_ provided by Netflix, below:

New on Netflix | April 2022

_ RELOWS OF RELOWS: Rebels_ is far from being the first video game available in the service. Netflix games, if you are not familiar, basically allowing anyone who is subscribed to Netflix in general, access a series of video games on Android and iOS devices. You do not need more purchase or subscription, and there are no ads or shopping in the application in the titles that Netflix adds to your game line. Until now, these have been greatly what would be considered by casual mobile games, but Netflix has been making movements to reinforce its library, for example, acquiring _oxenfree II: lost signs, Night School Studio developer.

_ Relicers of relics: Rebels_ is the developer Rogue Snail and is far from being the first Relic Hunters title of the team. That said, rebeldes is specifically an exclusive shooter / looter / RPG for mobile devices with Relic Hunters and it seems that it has not yet been released anywhere and possibly the first one in Netflix.

As noted above, Netflix Games is available worldwide on Android and IOS devices and players can find the various games at the various application stores to download with the addition of the Netflix application itself. It is not clear exactly when _ relics of relics: rebelles_ will be launched for Netflix games, but the indication seems to be at some point next month. You can check all our previous Netflix coverage here.

What do you think about Netflix add more and more video games to your service? Are you excited to see Cezadores de Relics: Rebels When it comes to the transmission platform? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to communicate and contact me directly on Twitter in @rollinbishop to talk about everything related to games!