The ‘Max Payne‘, ‘Control’ developer Remedy Entertainment said on the 28th official website, which is developing a new ‘Vanguard (Gaseous)’. ‘Vanguard’ is a new IP of LEE DID, according to LEM IDES, according to LEM IDES, as a EVE in F2P, as a EVE, it is aiming to provide an immersive sensitive play that melted a remedy of a remedial narrative and action.

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Leeds announced the development of the ‘Vanguard’, while the Tencent and co-enrollment and publishing agreements were also released. Tencent shall cooperate with the ‘Vanguard’ development budget with Remedy, and is responsible for Asia Publishing and Localization in Asia. Global Publishing, except Asia, take Remedy. Leeds also added to Tencent to develop the mobile version of ‘Vanguard’ and allowed to be able to allow global publishing. Mobile version development and publishing costs are buried in Tencent, and revenue is distributed based on the contract.

Vanguard, CEO Term Airport, a CEO Terri Birdie, is to challenge the Live Serviced Games for the first time in Live Serviced Games. I said the aspiration. He also added, I am expecting a long-term partnership, and I will be able to lead operations in Asia and Mobile Market.

Meanwhile, Remedy Entertainment recruits career developers for Vanguard development. The recruitment field requires enthusiasm of the development experience and multiplayer engine 4 game development experience and multiplayer game development, with AI programmers from AI programmers from AI programmers. Detailed information on Vanguards and recruitment notifications can be found through the official homepage.