The Oscars 2022 also precede their shadows in streaming services. Sky and Disney + have been worried about the march program for the March program some winner films of the past year, including the Herzhrärming Movie Minari (Sky, March 16). Equestrian productions are therefore highlighted above all the series, even if it is under Andrem with red (Disney +, March 11, 2022) and windfall (Netflix, March 18th 2022) also gives new titles here. In addition, we are looking forward to the following!

Star Trek Picard, Season 2 (March 4, Amazon Prime)

The first season of Picard ended with mixed criticisms and a shock: Jean-Luc Picard has become an android. Fans of the series are therefore likely to be curious what is being revealed.

In Season 2, there is also an old acquaintance who made life difficult for the captain at times of The Next Generation: Q returns. It causes a cleavage in the timelines and it is up to Picard and his crew to kitten.

The Boys, Diabolical – Season 1 (March 4, Amazon Prime) ****

Until the third season of the Superheldarce The Boys pass a few months, in the meantime, there are these cartoon series. Like Series like Invincible and The Legend of Vox Machina is also The Boys, in The Adam Project, Ryan Reynold’s character Adam Reed meets his younger itself. Source: Netflix Diabolical only something for adult viewers. The anthologic series shows in eighth consequences the bad, bloody, but also very funny sides of the superhero business.

The Adam Project (March 11, Netflix) ****

Can Ryan Reynolds really play everything? The solution to this question comes a step closer to the viewers with The Adam Project. In the Science Family Film, Reynold’s plays a time traveler who has to save the future together with his younger I and thus the whole world. The first trailer looks very warm-hearted – and with his otherwise typical self-referential humor Reynolds keeps himself probably (luckily) this time.

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Halo – Season 1 (March 24, SKY)

Without the Master Chief, the Xbox would probably have remained a shopkeeper. For 20 years, the Wordkarge Warrior is shooting through the Halo series popular among critics and fans. Clear that with so much success someday also a TV series must be there. But a first trailer made many fans cold back: among other things, because instead of the great music of the game template, a remix was used by Phil Collins in The Air Tonight. But the animations of the villains are pretty good!

Moon Knight (March 30, Disney +)

A mysterious hero and a mysterious trailer surprised the Marvel fans recently: Moon Knight prepares his first appearance in the MCU. What the series is about the hero with multiple personality disorder is not quite clear. Also, how the series fits the rest of the Marvel Universe. Maybe a few questions will be answered after the start.

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