Every year is practically a tradition that premieres at least two films of the cinematographic universe of _ Marvel _ , and in 2022 We are watching _ dr. Strange 2, Thor: Love and thunder _ , as well as _ Black Panther 2 _ . And although we lack a long stretch for 2023, the company decided to change premiere dates for large films next year.

The sequel to _ Capitana Marvel _ , called _ the Marvels _ light on July 28 of the same year. However, _ Disney _ ** decided to make some changes, so now the papers have been invested between the two works, without any delays or similar.

The reason behind this is a production problem, that has been mentioned _ Variety _ , since the third adaptation of _ ant-man _ is much more advanced than the _ Captain Marvel _ The change came. The most concrete element is the photography part, a process that has already ended, and this part of the filming is by far one of the most important.

In the video game part, that could remind us of what happened with Splatoon 3 and _ Xenoblade Chronicles 3 _ , which exchanged places for some reason, _ Nintendo _ has not made it official but it is more than evident. The important thing for any entertainment means is to get their products with the lowest possible errors towards the public.

The premiere dates have been like this: _ Ant-Man 3: Quantumania _ On February 17 and _ The Marvels _ On July 28, 2023.

Editor’s note : No doubt a shame that dates should change, especially for those who wanted to watch a movie before the other. However, it is better that they have not been delayed and still standing, because the UCM continues to get better with each sterno that reaches theaters.

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