The new Doclasse Granger 3600LX makes the streets of Los Santos from this week. The spacious SUV is now available at Southern San Andreas Super cars. You can equip your new donation cars in the vehicle workshop with a few additional modifications, including with the practical steering crake jammer.

DECLASSE GRANGER 3600LX - брутальный и бронированный внедорожник в GTA Online
Also, all who complete the final of The Contract, double rewards and a free Low Santos cap. So you can see at least chic, if you dr. Dres Recently Relieved Track Fallin Up By Los Santos Rast.

The highlights of the week:

  • New modifiable vehicle : The Docas Granger 3600LX is now available at Southern San Andreas Super cars and modifiable in the agency vehicle workshop
  • Double GTA $ & RP in the final of The Contract and the Low Santos cap as a suitable souvenir for its degree (delivered until 10th February)
  • Triple GTA $ & RP counts in each ball
  • Biker Bonuses : Double GTA $ & RP for MC Club Jobs as well as for sales of grass and fake documents, plus triple GTA $ & RP in all motorcycle races
  • The Nagasaki Hoodie Free For those who operate as employees, bodyguards or MC-Prospect
  • The Progen T20 is the main prize of the week on the lucky wheel in the casino
  • Price vehicle of the week : Karin Previon for all who come for three days in a row under the top 3 of the LS-Car-Meet series
  • Test vehicles : Pfister Growler, Dinka Jester RR, Annis Euros
  • Discounts on biker companies and real estate : 50% on document cases and hemp plantations and associated improvements as well as turbotuning for motorcycles and 40% on MC clubhouses
  • Vehicle rabs : 60% on the DECLASS VOODO CUSTOM and the Albany Buccaneer Custom, 50% on the Nagasaki Stryder and the Pegassi Vortex, 40% on the Hakuchou Drag and 30% on the Enus Jubilee
  • Prime Gaming Bonuses : 100,000 GTA $ bonus for those who play this week

All the details of the contents of the week can be found on the Rockstar Newswire.