Valheim: Armor Stands & Yule Tree Released! - Patch Notes Update
The holidays are officially about us, and Latham is celebrating with a new update. The Iron Gate Studio developer has launched the 0.206.5 patch and offers some seasonal decorative elements as a Christmas tree. There are also some error corrections, a new armor support to show and some improvements to make the game a more enjoyable experience. Fans should not expect anything too important from this, but these small changes should be sufficient for players to have the Christmas spirit! Complete patch officer patch notes. Steam page can be found below:


Location music settings
Appearance and falling settings Abomination
Location updates
Cutting check enabled when placing thrones


Reviewed troll animations
Domesticated animals no longer fear fire
Peace and tranquility (the domesticated wolves no longer be added)
Server list blasphemies filter


Construction element: armor support (show your equipment)
Merry Christmas

So far, reception of updating on social networks has been overwhelmingly positive! Players seem to be quite happy with new armor, and festive additions have also been welcomed. The change to domesticated wolves has also received positive comments, since some players felt that this was one of the most irritating elements of the game. In general, these changes can be on the smallest side, but sometimes the smallest improvements can make the experience much more enjoyable.

Of course, fans have been quite happy with Latham general. The game was launched in Steam with anticipated access in February. Valium quickly found a passionate audience of players, sold more than three million copies in less than a month and established solid statistics of concurrent players in Steam. With the second year of the game approaching quickly, it will be interesting to see if players are still interested in the game, but hopefully these small settings and updates will come back!

Latham is available in Steam by 19.99. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

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