Readers, do you enjoy the game Sunttra life?

It is said that there is a gem spa that says “I’m saying suddenly.” In this article, the STEAM introduced article the other day’s STEAM introduced article is compiled with STEAM Soundtrack (link destination external site), which can be purchased on STEAM, and it is also a game Santromania from the original However, I would like to say one family with an example of the current launch STEAM soundtrack.

Surely not only users, but also the publisher are also the introduction of a great satisfaction point.

# What is a good soundtrack?

Suddenly this is the subject. First of all, as a premise, the authors have owned not only STEAM’s soundtracks as well as the actual work, but the lunch of the place has become difficult to collect it in the relationship between physical space. Furthermore, after the initial CD board, the life is approaching according to a one draft, there are many things that have passed. Even if you unplug it, the soundtrack of past works is not the premiere price in various adult circumstances…….

On the other hand, with the increase in digital release in recent years, the significance of the draft has become a collection of collection packages, and actually, the axis of the author’s soundtrack is also directed to digital. Is. Anyway, if you seek an extreme sound quality, there will be no similar readers.

However, in fact, the soundtrack in digital releases has not been defined firmly, and the delivery style of each company is not unified in breakall. In particular, STeam was very significant, and it was a heart that I wanted to bought a user who loses a user who was summarizing the soundtrack information. So what is the soundtrack that does not lose and the “good soundtrack”?

The following is the definition of the “good soundtrack” that the following is the concept.

  • Bit rate is 320 Kbps level if MP3 is MP3

It is an absolute condition that it is a sound quality equal to or higher than that of a CD. There is also an inconstimentive thing that this does not want this to provide a lot of differences with the draft, but I think that there are many readers who agree.

Since it is a technical story, it will cut and compress the frequencies that can not be heard in the human audible area, but in the case of encoding to MP3, so according to the bit rate, the person is difficult to hear It will be lost. The old days (more than 10 years ago) were 128 kbps to 192 kbps because the digital download was not mainstream, but the sound quality was somewhat inferior even at 192 kbps.

In modern times, encoder software and equipment are sophisticated and have a considerable sound quality in 192 kbps, but they still feel like they also feel different from the spread of the range. I am not aware of this impression at the time of my age, but if it is also possible to provide it, it will be more than 320 kbps if it is provided. Of course, reversible audio (such as FLAC) may be provided in parallel, but considering the problem of licensing and reprinting, if the soundtrack itself is a certain price, it would be slightly luxury if it is a certain price I’m thinking.

  • Tags and jacket art are complete

In previous articles, STEAM soundtracks recommended to manage them with external software. At this time, there is a jacket art and a tag, and it is important to know what soundtrack or immediately. It is similar to the collection when arranging in the rack, but if you look at the image, it will soon reach the jacket as soon as possible.

Also, it is likely that the artist can also be grasped by the artist and what kind of songs. Although it is not impossible to make your own user side, there is no need to win the official notation.

  • Mastering as a soundtrack

This is not a story that is not limited to digital and STeam’s soundtracks, but the “soundtrack” is the most important part of providing users. The example of the song used in the game as it is as it is, the sound game title also actually acts in the past game title, but there are not many unfortunate results for both. “Soundtrack” is something that the user does not assume that the user enjoys each track as a series of music, so the number of soundlers that the manufacturer worked hard and the volume is not constant for the user, and the song is brought. It is full of dissatisfaction with it.

It is likely to hear that “Is it all the soundtracks that all can be done there?” present . The soundtrack that Capcom has been distributed in Steam in recent years, and the above points have been suppressed, and the content is more firm than that, and the tongue is a long-awaited soundtrack. It is so much.

New World - Original Soundtrack

It may be possible to say that it is substantial and apart from differentialization of Japanese tags and English tags, lyrics tags, usually not usually used. It is too much to here, but it is safe to purchase the company’s soundtrack in the future if it is offered to the contents firmly. It is quite difficult, but it is luxury, but if the current offer style of Capcom is based on the standard, I am also very happy.

I say, but the soundtrack that has been providing well so far is not else.

# Example that you have to be careful when selling

# # License problem

In order to deliver this modern, generally music as a soundtrack, the License of the sound source grant (license) is also required for soundtracks. There may be a reader who seems to be aware of what you are using, which is commonly used in the game. The license is another for the game and the soundtrack.

The representative as an example of the author in that direction is “**”. If you purchased a Collector’s Edition, a soundtrack comes with a recantey, almost all of the songs that use royalty free music.

Royalty Free is a material that can be used by the conditions along the conditions, and if it is a photo, it is very famous.

Returning to the story of this work, the majority of the songs recorded in the soundtrack of this work are greatly versus redistribution in the form of sound sources that are mainly the sources of the tester. Steam’s Forum has also been pointed out from the step in 2015, but has not yet been distributed from the publisher without any response. Of course, there is a possibility that the music author may be individually granted, but if so, it is only necessary to say that that effect, and in the worst case, the Publisher and the original person have not grasped There is also a possibility. It can not be said that it is a good way to keep such suspicion left. Of course it is a language explit to the license violation.

In addition, this work is currently changing the publisher, but Devolver Digital was sold earlier. Devolver Digital For Soundtracks for Sandra, “ Hotline Miami ” is a tag, and it has been flavored in the past because the sound quality was not constant or not enough contents. Also in that case, since it is not yet improved, it is not yet improved because it has not been improved by respecting the thing provided by the artist and not yet improved, so it is not a soundtrack as a soundtrack without grasping the license. I have a question close to the conviction that there is no.

Not only this example, regarding assets, as a result of a violation of the license or before “ final sode “, it is not aware that the works of others are mixed in the asset, Because there is no possibility of distributing, let’s be careful again when selling soundtracks.

# Price and contents of contents

It is a pity that the difference between the digital soundtrack and the real thing on STEAM is large, right? In particular, if there is no price difference between both sides.

The following example is the “ Large Voyage era 4 with Power Up Kit HD Version “. I will say earlier, but I love the music of this series, especially Mr. Kono Kanno. Now, about this way, the digital version is also about buying both the version that comes with a real CD. As a result, you can also mention this problem.

After bought a disc package of the same price, it compares the STeam’s digital version only in MP3 with no tags in the MP3. In particular, the lack of tags is fatal for managing in a digital environment.

Even if the game price is subtracted, this one is one more than 10,000 high-value soundtracks. The contents themselves are exceptional, including those such as the author who had to release the old soundtrack that has become more difficult to obtain. The digital version was only a disappointing specification.

# Well what about Valve?

Actually, in-house soundtracks, such as Valve’s “ Half-Life ” and “ Portal “, most can be downloaded for free. “ DOTA2 ” and “ TEAM FORTRESS 2 ” are partly charged, but the condition is also available for free soundtracks and free soundtracks.

Valve itself does not provide a clear criterion that “such format and content offer is desirable,” how to provide the sound track itself is shown in the document. The confusion of distribution styles from now is actually here and I think.

Returning the story, VALVE title soundtrack specifications are now offered in each title and Jacket Art and MP3 (320 Kbps), and Verified Audio FLAC (some time or no tags are tagged), and it is a fine place Anxious Publisher will be safe to provide users with reference to this.

# Recommended management method and soundtrack

Music playback and management at STEAM clients can not be recommended honestly. It is quite inconvenient specification, such as which playlists on STEAM clients do not work only for each title and often increasing the list.

Fortunately, the music can be downloaded to the local disc, so the authors used to manage the program from Foobar2000 (external site). Although customized is a plug-in method for a plug-in method, it is slightly for Generan, but using DLNA, it is highly functional, such as can be played back even in another environment (the article of the previous soundtrack is also reflected in the screen photo Is this player).

Soundtracks that such a writer really recommended! ?