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How to use advertising in Cat Cafe Manager

Cat Cafe Manager Gameplay! | Let's Play: Cat Cafe Manager | Ep 1

In Cat Cafe Manager, players will have a mechanic called “Advertising”, which allows you to invite certain types of customers in the cafe. Caterwaul Way has six types of customers, and each of them pays different currency. Players will need all six currencies for buying various essential items, such as food ingredients, recipes, furniture, cats for cats and other necessary items.

Advertising is an effective way to start inviting certain types of customers in your cafe. Only the townspeople that you invited on the bulletin board will come to the cafe, which means you will earn only a certain type of currency. Advertising levels will also increase as players increase their friendship levels with permanent players.

Players can essentially stock up an important currency, inviting the types of customers who pay nectar, materials and jewels. For example, use an advertisement to invite witches in a cafe only if you want to stock nectar.

In the same way, invite the vagrants for the fabric, artists for jewels, punk for materials, businessmen for gold and fishermen per fish. Using advertising for inviting certain types of customers before the beginning of the day will attract only these customers. This is an easy way to save on the currency that is necessary for essential items.

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Freiberg gets the table guide back to the green table

1. FC Köln - SC Freiburg | Full Game | Matchday 21 – Bundesliga 2021/22
The verdict was so expected: Due to player deficiency, the SV Oberachern said the duel from the 20th matchday against the SGV Freiberg on the match day at the match day – a cancellation, which acknowledged the Freiberger “very surprised”. Obermaids acted unauthorized, it was said that the Württemberg Football Association (WFV) knew nothing about SGV information. Since the opponent was unlawfully did not believe in the view of the sports court, the game was now considered 3-0 for the Freiberger – which jumps back with two points ahead of the Stuttgart Württemberg Footballs to the table tip of the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg.

The place in the sun namely, the involuntarily play free SGV Freiberg had lost on the Württemberg Footballs on this day. Incidentally, in this season, three points have already received three points at the green table: the match at the end of November against village note was also considered 3-0 for Stuttgart. Meanwhile, the head-to-head race of the two counterparties continues on Saturday: Freiberg goes to village features, the Württemberg Footballs receive Backnang. By the way, SV Oberachern has announced to accept the verdict.

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