So finally you have managed to overcome sifu and got an end that was a bit depressing. Taking into account that the game is based on a plot of revenge, this was expected. However, you believe it or not, there is an alternative end for sifu, one that is harder to achieve. Here is our guide on how to unlock the Sifu Alternative Final and unlock the achievement LEGENDARY TALISMANS WUXING .

Sifu Alternative Final | Win the game first

First, it obvious. You have to get to the end of sifu and defeat Yang. Once you do this, you will get some additional tracks on your detective board, as well as a cryptic track on how to get the alternative end. Even the list of trophies of the game is vague with this, indicating that you will need to “get wude.”

But what is more important, your age will be restored to 20 and you will return to the central world. This is important because the next step is a doozy.

Alternative Final of Sifu | Sorry for the bosses

Yes. In fact, there is a way to defeat in a non-lethal way to the five bosses in sifu. If you reviewed our Secret Paths guide, you may even discover that the five bosses have a little more under the surface that could even make them comprehensive.

Since the game itself does not explain exactly how this is possible, this is how you can save each boss:

  • First, it takes the boss to his second phase.
  • Next, it breaks completely its structure once, but do not finish them.
  • Finally, break the structure of it for the second time and come to them. You should see a pop-up dialog message that allows you to save them. Do this and an alternative scene will be developed where your hero does not kill the boss.

On paper, this is a simple turn in each battle. However, in practice, it is essentially the difficult way. This is because if you lower your health bar to zero in the second phase of these fights, the lethal end will be developed. What this means is that you will have to stop or perfectly dodge most of what each boss throws you, instead of just looking for the same combos of high damage again and again.

SIFU - All Endings (Good, Bad & Secret Ending)
The good news is that it seems that once you forgave any of these bosses, they will remain intact until the final fight. This is even displayed on the stretch of the corridor before reaching the Yang chief room with talismans and symbols that appear on the walls. What this means is that if you need to develop some remaining skills or look for alternative paths, you can do it without worrying about whether the pursued bosses still count or not.

Once you have chosen to forgive Yang in the final battle, the alternative end will be reproduced. Congratulations, you have achieved the most spiritually satisfying Sifu_ Final (and much more difficult), and unlocked the achievement “Legendary Talismans of Wuxing”, as well as “Muk Yan Master,” “Tiger on Fire”, “Source of Flying Daggers” and ” Iron Money »for every1. chief.

Of course, this is much easier to say that to do it from Sifu_ Heads of High Difficulty, Yang in particular, along with these very specific rules. But if you need some tips and basic information about it, we have some guides for you there.