To be frank, Anthem had a horrible launch. And it’s put things lightly. The first year of Anthem is immersed in frustration and disappointment. Thousands of fans traveled on the Internet, crushed controllers and contacted their local representatives to tell them what Anthem is bad. We can not deny that Anthem had a shameful start, but that does not mean that it must end as well. There is always hope. This seems to be the state of mind adopted by EA for this game. Anthem will today launch an update on the theme of the holidays called Icetide.

Anthem Icetide Armor Sets | All Seasonal Event Cosmetics
Bioware said Icetide is supposed to be a party celebrated by the inhabitants of bastion. The winter will have invaded most of the map and “…… The jungles are covered with a layer of snow, the lakes freeze and the ice is harvested for the hot days that are offered. In addition, the main fortress, Fort Tarsis, will be decorated with Christmas joy.

However, it will not just be an aesthetic update. The fortress of the Tyrant Mine will add some new missions. Players can expect to see chronometers, score multipliers, inversions and rankings. Of course, these missions will give you a lot of crystals. There will also be special rewards on the theme of winter.

There was no official date for which Icetide is about to fall. But this should be earlier than later. Christmas and the holiday season are at our doors. Make sure to stay up to date so you do not miss this new update. Nothing lasts forever, so do not expect that Icetide remains faithful to the New Year.

Let’s hope that Christmas magic can revive Anthem once and for all.