Pokémon meets 26 years Since and for this occasion, The Pokémon Company has announced the next generation. In this, we will find some Pokémon of ancient games, but also new initials. After taking a look at some sets, it is time to think about what we would like to see in these versions of scarlet and purple Pokémon. Discover the 8 things that we would like to see in this future generation.

1. Pokémon that follow us

To begin with, here is an element that is not necessarily important but that many players appreciate. It is about one of our Pokémon follows us during the adventure. This function had been integrated in yellow before being included in the remakes of the second generation in DS. We have also seen this mechanism in Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee.

Depending on the version, the interest of the tracking function was secondary, but maybe in this new generation, could it be useful?…

two. Mounts

The second thing we would like to see are the mounts. Whether with a system to the Pokémon Legends Arceus or Sol and Luna, as happened in Let’s Go with the possibility of using several Pokémon as mounts to move through the air, water or earth. Since it is likely that the game has many Pokémon, having several mounts to choose from for each type of movement based on your Pokémon on your team seems a nuisance, but you never know.

The game could work as the sword and shield versions and have a bicycle to move. As for water, a surfboard could also be considered. Instead, when it comes to flying, a Pokémon will surely be necessary.

3. Stage

The third point that we will approach will be related to history. Each license game offers its scenario and some are more interesting than others. We want a well-designed region, but also full of history and links with the Lore of Pokémon.

Nor do we forget that the game is destined for all audiences and that having a very dark story may not be attractive for some audiences. In short, all this to say that we would like a well-drawn and trapping scenario based, why not, in the legends of the region.

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4. Capture as in Arceus

With what the trailer shows us, the Pokémon will wander through the different environments of the open world. Therefore, we can expect to see the capture system that offers Pokémon Legends Arceus and so not necessarily start a fight to capture a Pokémon. However, it will be necessary to see how the capture goes and if it will have to fight after failing in the capture.

5. Fights

The Pokémon combats have always been at the center of the debate, among those who want to change the formula and those who want to keep it as it is. In our case, we would like fights to be more dynamic and fast.

With Pokémon Legends Arceus, we had some additions that could have been interesting as styles . On paper it was tempting, but actually made the fight often complicated in the way the game handled it.

6. New forms and regional evolutions

The sixth point returns to Pokémon from previous generations. Indeed, with this new region, it is an opportunity for The Pokémon Company to add new regional forms and why not, to evolve certain creatures that until now could not evolve. Even, why not, a new ELEE.

7. Multiplayer

The seventh point will surely be one of the points with more expectations on the part of the community. The multiplayer mode of Pokémon allows you to exchange or fight, but in some versions it is also possible to perform other activities such as underground, contests or even DINAMAX incursions. We can expect to see maybe other things to make online, as Pokémon races , as it may have been in the anime.

The other side of the multiplayer mode that we could see would come would be the cooperative , although it seems very unlikely. In terms of expectations, the first could be to play as in a Let’s Go with a second player available to support you. The second possibility is to have a playable adventure in cooperative, either online or locally. The last possibility is simply a cooperative game mode such as Dinamax raids.

One thing in which we will all agree on multiplayer mode is the interface, which was quite horrible in Gen 8. Therefore, we hope to have a review of the interface with several much clearer menus than those of the Galaran games.

8. The return to Kalos?

With a region that seems to be based in Spain, its connection with the Kalos region could well be present. We could, for example, have access to a part of the south of Kalos (France) although it seems very unlikely. On the other hand, we would like to have winks between the sixth and ninth generation through NPCS.