So far a minority shareholder, Nor disk Games announces the acquisition of the Danish Studio Flashbulb Games, known for the construction of trail makers vehicles.

Rubber Bandits | Announcement Trailer
Nor disk Games did not unveil the exact amount of the operation (it will be as often adjusted according to the commercial performance of the studio in the coming years) but already had a 43% interest in Flashbulb Games since its investment 2.2 million euros in 2017. This acquisition takes place while the Danish studio, founded in 2016 by elders of Press Play, is preparing to launch the festive game Rubber Bandits in a few days on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam.

Flashbulb is a studio filled with talented and experienced developers, who understand and appreciate the challenge of creating unique games and transforming them into commercial success. With a very good collaboration over the last five years we were eager. Increasing our participation, which led to the discussion with the founders to acquire 100% of the studio. We are now looking forward to continuing to work together for many years, said Martin Wallis from Nor disk Games.