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PS4 / PS5 version “Martha Is Dead” conducts some expression regulations and the seller announced. Is the atrocity scene that shook the fan?

Publisher’s Wired Productions announced a statement about the psychological horror game “ Martha Is Dead ” which is scheduled to be released on February 12 and on February 24th. It has been clarified that the PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 version of this work has been adjusted so as not to play some game elements. This item includes spoilers regarding the recording scene of this work.

“Martha Is Dead” is a psychological horror game that is on the 1944 Italian. The main character is Julia, a German soldier daughter. With her twin sister Masa found in a water dead body, Julia has a sense of traumatic and loss, and in the situation where the match between the German army and the Allied forces intensifying, the truth of her sister’s death pursue.

About this work Wired Productions explained that it is a narrative adventure work for only adults and contains scenes that may feel uncomfortable by people. About the presence of such a sensitive depiction, it is said that in the game it will be warned in advance.

On that basis, the company was unfortunately the PS4 / PS5 version has to be adjusted to avoid playing several elements. Because this unexpected work has occurred, the download version will be released as planned, but the package version will be postponed for several weeks. The PC / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S version is to be released as a complete game experience that has not been edited.

In other words, the PS4 / PS5 version of this work is that judgment other than the seller and development source will result in some reproduction regulation. It has not been clarified whether the scene is specifically regulated. However, this work has been previously delivered, and from its content to the fans, it is scolded that certain scenes are deleted.

The specific situation in the game is omitted, but in this work, the main character Julia has a scene that peels off the face of her female body and covers its face with that skin. It is guessed that this is a problem because it is a shocking depiction.

This scene is also mentioned in the description of this work by North American rating group ESRB. This work has been rated at the age of 17 years old or older, and it has become one of the grounds of the age classification. However, ESRB has also mentioned other cruel scenes and sexual depictions, and it is unclear whether the scene above has become a regulatory target.

  • Trailer that contains a scene that strips the skin of the body. Cautions of viewing.

“Martha Is Dead” has already acquired rating in the main region with PS4 / PS5 version, and PC / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S version is released without restriction. From these circumstances, it seems that this expression regulation is a measure that has been judged by SIE, a PS4 / PS5 platform holder.

Actually, there is a similar example, for example, “Senran Kagura Burst Re: Newal” Overseas PS4 version is deleted “Skinship Mode” to enjoy the notes of girls. Leading to “Omegalavirin Z” overseas PS4 / PS VITA version, there is also a sources of sources that do not deal with the regulatory version. Both cases have revealed the seller when there was a “request from the platform holder”.

Since SIE is a call to coverage of magazine, “While respecting the creator’s ideas, it is very rare, but it has a policy that seems uncomfortable to enjoy the game” and comments. Even if the rating review has already been completed, in some cases, it was revealed that SIE themselves were added (related articles). “Martha Is Dead” may also have such a target.

The PS4 / PS5 version of this work can not be said at the moment what regulation is d1. However, this is also interesting if the atractive expression as described above is corrected. So far, looking back on the example in which reproduction restrictions have been performed only on the PlayStation platform, there are most cases where sexual expressions are targeted, including the “Senran Kagura Burst Re: Newal” mentioned earlier. That’s because

Sony is censoring the PS4/PS5 versions of the game Martha is Dead
On the other hand, “Plus Plus Plus Plus!” Released in October last year! In “, the blood color of a certain bloody scene was partially talked if only the PS4 / PS5 version was changed from red to black. Development source Team Salvato suggests that development source Team Salvato is a result of the platform. If you ask for a request by SIE, you will feel that the width of the company’s “uncomfortable content” has spread.

Anyway, at the moment there is no guessing area. What scenes of “Martha Is Dead” have been changed in the PS4 / PS5 version to be verified by the user after the release.

“Martha Is Dead” is scheduled to be released on February 24 for PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X | S. The game corresponds to the Japanese language display. Although it is unknown for the presence or absence of the console version of the domestic release, the page of this work has already been prepared in the domestic PlayStation Store.

Craftone, new business launch and NFT, Web 3.0 new business promotion

Creighton presented to members’ Grafton Live Talk, Grafton Live Talk (KLT), “Grafton Live Talk,” Grafton Live Talk, “the Grafton Live Talk”.

Kim, Changchun, emphasized the direction of creating the direction in the situation in the competitive advantage and ‘Challenge in the new area’. Kim said, “To increase the live service efficiency of the existing game, and strengthen the publishing capabilities to strengthen the competitive advantage.”

In addition, we will continue to focus on new developments that can be captured by the core fan layer and will continue to create a new game IP. ” In the year, we introduced various projects that are scheduled to be released or developed.

The game creation capacity of the Creighton is a new extended area and a new challenge, and the new challenge is dipping ▲ Virtual Human ▲ VR ▲ NFT / Web 3.0, etc. presented. Kim, Kim, “plans to use new technologies to provide new value to gamers and creators and create differentiated content.” “I was noteworthy of the possibility of new business.

Why we are NOT ready for the Multiverse and WEB 3.0!????

In addition to Web 3.0 and NFT, “Web 3.0 is a world where C2E (CREATE-to-EARN) is accelerated by creators and consumers, and C2E (CREATE-to-EARN) is accelerating,” “Creighton is the World, Interactive, The game that creates pleasure focuses on the roles and strengths of the original roles and strengths, and the creators will be able to lead new content creative creations in scalable ecosystems, and will continue to challenge with competent partners. “

The new production program ‘The Potential Program’, which can try faster and more challenges, is also introduced. A more potential program has a program that takes a small team that takes a streamlined development examination process and verifies key fun for a year and verifies key fun.

In addition to PC, Mobile, a game that utilizes new technologies has been enlarged to propose a scope, and to help you devote to project creation for a year. “The Potential Program is a great opportunity to experience a small team of PD and production reader roles,” said Park Ton Nam young Line Studio Management. Emphasized “to be encouraged.”

“Creighton Kim Chang-ton said,” Carlton has a sustainable powerful IP, and has a stamina that can grow and extend, and longer, more challenging, “said,” “Games will become the most powerful media If you continue to challenge with unchanged faith, you will be able to dig the new IP and growth engine. “

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