Able Games announced on the 10th that it has launched a global RPG rabbit.

Dal rabbits have been launched in 46 countries including the United States and Canada, and 46 countries including Europe and Oceania, and began services to more than 170 countries around the world.

In addition, with the launch of the global launch, the iOS version of the moon rabbit has been released, and a new server has been opened so that new users can play games in a more comfortable environment.

The moon rabbit, which is based on Korea’s traditional fairy tale, is a mobile 2D negative RPG that grows by fighting against the night in search of the stolen light to defend the moon’s kingdom.

Dal rabbits have been steadily growing, ranking first in simulation genres since its launch in June last year, and last month, it achieved the top sales of Thailand’s simulation genre and 5th Vietnam’s simulation genre through global soft launch..

The Able Games representative said, Raising the moon rabbit has developed into a global game that has been serviced in more than 170 countries around the world in one year since its launch last year. It is all thanks to the love of users who have grown together and growing together. In order to celebrate the first anniversary of the service. In commemoration of this, we have prepared a large-scale update and various events.