Cat Cafe Manager, players will meet and make up with various cats on Caterwaul Way. Players will have to earn their confidence in becoming friends, and you can also see all the special features of each cat.

Players will begin with the fact that at first one cat shares, and then you will have to lure homeless, placing food next to the cafe. You will encounter some of the feline features listed below, and additional feline features will be unlocked with raising feline skills:

  • Aristocot : +1 need for stress, +1 need for bladder, +1 business people
  • Zadira : +3 Punk
  • Clean cat : -1 bubble is needed, as they are cleaned behind them.
  • cold : -1 stress is needed as Wib
  • Oil : +1 Fisherman
  • Chonker : +2 Eating need, +3 Fisherman

  • Cat party : adds +2 entertainment in your cafe.
  • Collection of stories : + 10% to all resources for all vagrants in your cafe.
  • Faces fish : + 10% to all resources for all fishermen in your cafe.
  • Share : Gives 2 meals with your cats, because he wants to make sure that they are all fed.
  • slightly magic – +1 witches, sometimes they hover over the ground
  • Tiny tummy : -1 food is needed, eats little.

Increasing the level of your cats will also open some of the new features that will be necessary in order for certain customers and regular customers to be satisfied. For example, a cat with a feature “Story Collector” will give a bonus + 10% to all resources for each tramp who visits your cafe!

Cozy Demos Ep. 14 - Cat Cafe Manager
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