Marvin Magic Johnson Jr. (born August 14, 1959, in Lansing, Michigan) is a former American basketball gamer. Along With Larry Bird, he shaped the improvement of the NBA in the 1980s. The 2.06 meter Johnson played primarily as a Factor Guard as a result of its extraordinary key capabilities, although this position is generally occupied with smaller players.
After title winning in Senior high school and also University Johnson was very first chosen in the NBA Draft in 1979 by Los Angeles Lakers. Already in his initial season he won the championship title with the Lakers and was elected one of the most beneficial gamer of the last series (NBA Finals MVP Award). Four other titles with Los Angeles complied with in the 1980s; A total of 9 times he reached the NBA finals with the group. In 1991, Johnson instantly returned from the expert sport as HIV was diagnosed with him. At the All-Star Game 1992, in which he was granted the very best player, he revealed his resurgence and won in the summer with the All-star team, which controlled his challengers at will, gold at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. After objections from various other players, Johnson damaged his period prep work for the 1992/93 period, in which he desired to go back to regular having fun. 4 years later on, he went back to the league once more as well as completed 32 ready the Lakers.
Johnson won the honor as the finest gamer of the period (NBA MVP Honor), took twelve times on the All-Star Game as well as was assigned ten times in series right into the All-NBA team, right here nine times in the very first group. Four times, one of the most assists of all gamers in the regular season get here, with an average of 11.2 assists per game, he leads the Eternal league of the league at the Assists. In 1996, Johnson was awarded among the 50 ideal players in the background of the NBA and also confessed in 2002 to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. The Sport sender ESPN scored him to the very best Factor Guard of all time in 2007. His relationship as well as rivalry with Larry Bird, to whom he fulfilled for the very first time in the 1979 NCAA Division I-Basketball Champion Final and also later, inter alia, three times in the NBA finals, coined considerably the basketball of the eighties. Because his withdrawal from active sport, Johnson is included, to name a few things, for the avoidance of HIV/ AIDS and also advertises sex for Safer.

Daniel Thesis succeeds for the Houston Rockets the second double of the season, and the German achieves as many points as never before this season. Nevertheless, the Rockets are subject to the New York Knicks. The Phoenix Suns crafts on another series.

Indiana Pacers (13-18) — Detroit Pistons (4-23) 122: 113 (Box score)

Was there ever? Both Indiana (Rick Carlisle) and Detroit (Diane Casey) had to do without her head coaches, in the end was the already 13th defeat for the pistons. The Pacers, which were still under the wheels in Milwaukee in the final quarter, were able to thank Cars Lever that guests are not a victory again.
The Shooting Guard raised efficiently 31 points (12/18 FG), alone 16 of them achieved Lever in the second quarter. However, the hosts were able to settle only after the change, when the lead was first double-digit. Indiana but also made life difficult, the pistons posted 28 (!) Points in transition, although the Pacers only made 8-ball losses.

Daniel Theis | Postgame | Houston Rockets Vs. New York Knicks 12/16/2021
So Detroit never really let off, but not more. After a 12-2 start of the guests, the Reservists bested by Chris Duarte (15, 9 Rebounds) and Jeremy Lamb (11, 6 Assists) The Game of the hosts, later also showed Do mantas Saxons (12, 9 Boards, 6 Assists) and Myles Turner (16, 7 rebounds, 4 blocks) significantly improved.
Really nice to look at was not the game, 44 fouls were collapsed, which resulted in rich 58 free throws. Top scorer of the guests was Sadiq Bey with 28 points (9/17 FG) and 9 rebounds, Top-Pick Made Cunningham came to 19 meters (8/16 FG) and 6 boards. However, as a team, the pistons only sifted seven threes, each went on the account of Bey and Frank Jackson (18, 7/11 FG).

Brooklyn Nets (21-8) — Philadelphia 76ers (15-15) 114: 105 (Game Report)

Houston Rockets (9-20) — New York Knicks (13-16) 103: 116 (Box score)

After four defeats in a piece, the kink came the guest match in Houston more than, but the New York had long problems with the Rockets. Only in the fourth neighborhood could the knicks settled, especially Immanuel Quickly played with the main role in the section with the same five transformed threes. The Guard finished the game with 24 points (7/10 3P) and thus led the again strong bank of the knicks.
The 22-year-old was urgently needed after starting Guard Derrick Rose injured in the first half of the ankle and no longer returned. Positive was the idea of ​​the much criticized Evan Fournier, who was the best scorer of the guests with 23 points. The other problem child, Julius Randle (21, 6/18), on the other hand had more heights and depths.

The Rockets hounds too often with the referees, still held the game open to the fourth quarter. Especially the Starting Five of the Texans knew, with Daniel This with 22 points (8/12 FG, 2/4 threesome), 10 rebounds and 2 blocks showed his best game in the Rockets Jersey and several times the quality or steadfastness of the Basket system tested. In the end, however, the German was also the no longer existing defense of the rockets on lost items.
In addition to Quickly, ROOKIE-GUARD MILES also convinced McBride (15, 9 assists, 4 steals), which has always found Mitchell Robinson (17, 8/8 FG, 9 rebounds, 3 blocks). In the Rockets score next to this, JA’Sean Tate (20, 6/8 FG) and Garrison Mathews (17) best. Rookie Appear Season (1, 0/3, -23 in 15 minutes) this time, however, was a total loss.

Phoenix Suns (23-5) — Washington Wizards (15-15) 118: 98 (Box score)

The Phoenix Suns have also gained their 13th home game in series and thus revealed in terms of balance with the Golden State Warriors. Against Washington, the engine of the Suns-Open groomed again in full swing, the result was a completely harmful success.
The scoring was distributed again on many shoulders, equal to eight players achieved at least 10 counters, Top scorer was already Naval McGee, who scratched with 17 points and 8 rebounds in just 16 minutes on a double. Chris Paul came on 12 meters (6/8 FG) and 6 assists, his crunch time qualities were not asked this time.
The guests could only make the first minutes balanced, then the Suns with the bank put a 12: 2 run. Cameron Payne (11, 5 Assists), Cameron Johnson (13, 3/5 threesome) and McGee dismissed their opponents in this phase, so that the Suns turned out a double-digit lead. By another run in the third quarter, the difference grew temporarily to 22, in which the matter was the matter.
The Wizards met nearly 50 percent out of the field, but remained terrifyingly harmless (6/21 threesome) from the distance (6/21 threesome) and only came to the freezer in the fourth quarter (12/19 FT). Spencer Dinwiddie was spared so that Bradley Deal (26, 11/18 FG, 5 Assists) was too focused on itself.

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