Image: PlayStation

Always contrary, we are carefully optimistic about the redesign of Sony ps more subscription. On the basis of what we know so far – what, certainly, is not much – we think that the redesign is welcome and necessary, and we have been pleasantly surprised by some features. While the rumor was running, we were skeptical about PS1 games that would make the final assembly, and we are delighted to see also the PS2 and the included PSP.

The problem is that PS PS Players will have to use the cloud streaming to play the classic PS3 games, a decision – without context – has a terrible optics, even Sony would agree. Our understanding has always been that the PS3 is simply too complicated to emulate, although this argument has been somewhat demystified by the RPCS3 program, which perfectly executes some PS3 games on PC.

Although its performances are not perfect, the argument is that it is an amateur product produced by amateurs who will never have the same understanding of the PS3 architecture that Sony, with his original design documentation and all. A tweet that has become viral from the day to the next-endpayed by Dimitris Giannakis – also known as Modern Vintage Gamer – said emulation is “absolutely possible”.

He explained: “The emulation of the PS3 is quite possible on the PS5 material. However, Sony has never been interested in investing millions to get there. In a follow-up video, he developed this, explaining that even though he thinks that PS3 emulation could be realized, it would be a multi-year project that would cost several millions and could deal with several obstacles in the field of licenses. road.

The famous Fan of FromSoftware, Lance McDonald – who created a patch of 60 frames per second for Bloodborne – added: “I can not forget that Sony announces that they have a PS1 and PS2 operational emulator on the PS4 material and PS5 but they are launching both behind subscription fees and do not allow you to read the discs you already have. In addition, they still can not get PS3 emulation on PS5.

It should be noted that neither PS5 nor PS4 can read CDs, so physical PS1 supports were never supported for this reason alone, but we take stock. Speaking of backward compatibility, the big cap of PlayStation Jim Ryan specified last year that “compromises” must be made when designing a system, because “time, engineering resources and money are all limits “.

So, is PS3 emulation feasible on PS5, and what kind of financial investment would it require Sony? This is a question that, frankly, only PlayStation leaders can have the answer. We will continue to ask questions about this and we will update when we know more, but it seems that it will remain an unfortunate gap in the organizations’ offers in the foreseeable future.