The entire chat of the currently inactive League of Legend can be returned. However, rank games are exceptions.

Riot Games released a survey result on the entire chat function through the 11.24 patch notes uploaded on December 8th. First, the game community site was mostly responsive for the entire chat, but the reaction was overwhelmingly responding to the entire chat on Youtube or social media (SNS).


Player surveys showed a more composite response. Even if it is, it may not have, the response was 25%, It is good to disable, 35%, The whole chat is 40%. There was a common response observed in all surveys, and most respondents asked questions about the questions about most respondents, If you want to allow full chat in other modes other than rank games?

As a result, Riot Games said it was reviewing the entire chat again in a mode excluding the rank game in a 12.2 patch. In addition, the 12.1 patch maintains entire chat disabled, but we mentioned that we will continue to listen to the player’s opinion.

Riot Games disable the entire chat through the 11.21 patches in October and will be discussed with the impact on the game on the game, scoring, penalty ratios, surveys and direct feedback.