As surely you know, a new game of The Witcher is already under development, but unlike the other games CD Projekt Red, This will not use the engine’s own engine, Network Engine . Instead, this future production will be moving to Unreal Engine 5 , and its developers have come to explain why behind this decision.

Witcher 4: CD Projekt Discusses Using Unreal Engine 5 - Tech Overview

According to CDPR , Unreal Engine 5 provides a better support to create open world games, and that was one of the things that caught the most attention from start. Additionally, this engine provides greater stability, and after all the problems suffered Cyberpunk 2077, Your developers want to avoid all those headaches. In addition to that with Unreal Engine 5 , the training process for its employees, both current and new ones, will be much simpler.

Because there is a huge amount of studies in the world using Unreal Engine 5 , it will be much easier for Epic Game s feedback on its functionality and errors, which could be shared with CDPR If necessary. Evidently, this will greatly reduce problems related to Testing and QA for the new The Witcher, which means that technically, the development of this new game should advance with much greater fluidity and fastness.

Editor’s Note: I think CDPR made the right decision here, because it is obvious that they want to evade at all costs that the situation of Cyberpunk 2077 repeats again. The ideal would have been to keep this announcement for when the project is already more way, because we currently do not know anything about it, and I will surely spend a lot of time before the official news begins.