For those who still do not know, Elden Ring is the result of the close collaboration between Hidetaka Miyazaki and George RR Martin , world-known for throne play. All the history of the game, which runs in the underworld, was thought and imagined by these two creators, thus offering a game that knows how to captivate the players either because of their complexity, its beauty in the infrastructure, its majestic soundtrack, but also by His poetry in tradition.

The collaboration between these two geniuses works great, because the game has been raining several days for several days. While Fridge, players and press have already given their opinion, was missing that of a key player in Elden Ring: George RR Martin , who wanted to share some words about Elden Ring.

George R.R. Martin is “honoured” to have helped with ‘Elden Ring’

George RR Martin congratulates Elden Ring

The writer argues that he costs him to be objective, because as he himself indicates him, he has contributed at the time of designing the worldbuilding for several years. However, this does not prevent you to insinuate that the game is a masterpiece, we only see once in a generation. He praises the luxurious open world and the brutal beauty of the game.

Therefore, on the critical side, the game deserves its place in the annals of history, because the whole world can remind Elden Ring as wonderful. If George RR Martin had a NPC to the likeness of him in the game, they would undoubtedly place it near the tree of the world, with arms in a circle to praise Elden Ring.