You want to stream on Twitch or YouTube? Then no way leads to some things.

Because the times in which online videos are pixplating and at 420p have nevertheless excited many people, they have long past. On Twitch and Co. everything is polished on high gloss and who wants to play on top, who has to take money in the hand today. We show you what you need for hardware to stream the latest trippel A titles on the PC.

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No random phrase long ago

A few years ago, the stream was rather exception than the rule. On the other hand, millions use the offers of large platforms such as Twitch or YouTube to pursue their favorite channels live. Here are not only the latest blockbusters like Elden Ring, which has already sold 12 million copies, but also classics, indie games, but also cooking shows and much more. What you need to be able to mix here shows you our streaming guide.

All beginning is hard?

Anyone who thinks about streaming often has the association of full-time job and streaming as a work in mind. In order to be able to afford that, you need a high quality streaming equipment and it already starts with your internet connection. It is the basis for your success. If she is too slow, your stream does not come into the corridors. Because even a resolution of 720p is difficult to sell online today.

The foundation stone: the internet connection

Important in the connection is the upload speed. In order for you to offer your viewers at least 720p, a upload value of 3 Mbps is necessary. However, you should better make sure that your speed is in the upload at 6 MBit or higher. Everything about this value serves as a buffer. So your stream remains high quality, the picture quality constant and you did not struggle with dropouts. This is also valid for upcoming games like Daymare – 1994 Sandcastle, the “Resident Evil 2” fan remake.

Furthermore, a powerful PC hardware is needed. You not only need them to gamble in good quality. Much more it is needed as well to produce a solid stream. You can quite start with only one system. Later, however, it will be almost indispensable to add a second computer or an extra notebook as an upgrade to the streaming setup. So you can relieve the actual gaming PC and the streaming is up to the second system.

Performant PC system

As hardware, you should set to a high memory of at least 16 GB or better 32 GB. Also, a strong 8-core processor is equally duty as a performant graphics card. So you caress that your games are transmitted crystal clear and the best resolution. In addition, your gameplay remains fluid and delivers the viewer to a maximum of details.

Only this point can go in a lot of money. Because due to the world’s high demand for hardware, PCs will always be more expensive in recent years. Especially graphics cards are strongly affected. So do you have the desire to buy a new PC or want to start streaming right now, but currently does not even have the financial resources to finance the PC? In this case, it is important to buy the PC for installments – simply with Auxmoney PC funding. Best to ask for Auxmoney today!

More Equipment

To keep the beginning compact, you will need to complete a microphone to communicate at all. Here you should definitely pay attention to quality, but you do not have to reach right in the top shelf. Very good microphones already exist between 50 euros and 120 euros. The same applies to the webcam. If you want to get well, it should resolve at least 1080p. Who also reach 720p, can save money here properly. Because high-quality options are available for 25 euros. Better variants from 80 euros.

Furthermore, a suitable headset or at least one headphone is missing. Finally, you still want to hear the sound of your games. This also fulfills the purpose that the audio reproduction does not overlap with the microph1. Whether you prefer one with cable or a wireless model, individual preference is.