Lost Ark offers you many options for setting up. You can get different skins for your characters, ships, NPC Rapport and your Mount. One of the means of movement that could attract your attention is a means of movement of a unicorn, and you may be wondering how to get a means of movement of a unicorn in Lost Ark.

To get a unicorn Mount in Lost Ark, you must WatchG4TV Lost Ark Invitational Tournmanet either on the official TWITCH STREAME, or on one of the Twitch CO-streamers channels on April 12 , 2022 . You must also have your own Twitch Drops enabled Get the Unicorn Mount Mount to Lost Ark and follow two hours **.

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How to get Twitch Drop Unicorn Mount in Lost Ark

This Twitch DROP award is available only to the tournament participants and some joint stripes until April 13, 2022, after which it will become available for the Lost Ark Creator Program program. Mount Unicorn is available as part of the program until May 9, 2022.

When you get the Mount, you will need to accept your in-game mail in Lost Ark. This will add a unicorn Mount to your inventory, where you need to click on it with the right mouse button. Then you must choose your color, and you will have a unicorn in Lost Ark!

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