Developer Pupuya Games and SimonCreative have announced on the official Twitter that the official release time of “ Little Witch Nobeta ” will be announced on May 13, 2022.

This work is a 3D action shooting game of the protagonist with a cute witch girl “Nova”. TOKYO GAME SHOW 2021 announced that a new boss announcement and a Vtuber belonging to Holo Live will be appointed as a voice actor, and after that, on Twitter, etc., the announcement and illustration of new characters based on the Japanese urban legend “Hakushahashi -sama”. I posted the sadness that the files during work were lost due to a power outage that occurred in Taiwan.

Fallen Legion OST - Rushing Fortress

The announcement on May 13 was postponed to the announcement in April, and before the official release time announcement, the official Twitter was “official release time will announce the official release time. Please look forward to it!” I am told. In addition, “Little Witch Nobeta Promotional Video Full Ver.” Appears on the official YouTube channel. In the thumbnail, you can see Monica, a “stuffed soul doll with stuffed animal,” and the voice actor “Holo Live”.

“Little Witch Nobeta” will be distributed in 2022 for PC (Steam)/PS4/Nintendo Switch.