Morbius Set in a NEW Universe? WTF? | Blade Set in 1920's, Emilia Clarke Character Revealed
After months and months of delays, we can finally enjoy Morbius in cinemPictures SpiderVerse, the new Sony Pictures SpiderVerse film starring the vampire antihero of Marvel . But long before the current incarnation of Jared Leto , Morbius wPictures SpiderVerse meant to be the Villain of Blade 2 in order to face HazvaVampires played by Wesley Snipes more than 20 years ago. Thus, we recover this curious story from which there is even an alternative ending of Blade that served to introduce the new antagonist Pictures SpiderVerse a cliffhanger.

Why did not Morbius come to Blade‘s saga?

And is that Pictures SpiderVerse the fans will remember, the first film ended with a chat between Blade and Karen on top of a roof in which they recognized that there wPictures SpiderVerse still a job for doing , giving way to a final scene in which Blade It wPictures SpiderVerse prepared to end a vampire about to Pictures SpiderVersesPictures SpiderVersesinate a victim in Moscow. Well, there wPictures SpiderVerse an alternative ending in which a mysterious figure appeared on another roof that turned out to be morbius **, the villain of a possible sequel who changed completely of course.

And it is that this scene became rolled, although it wPictures SpiderVerse finally eliminated in the final Pictures SpiderVersesembly when it wPictures SpiderVerse confirmed that the director Stephen Norrington would not direct the sequel, in order so to fiking Guillermo del Toro and ultimately discarding any presence Or reference to morbius. Unfortunately, we will never know Norrington’s plans with Morbius for Blade 2 and how he wPictures SpiderVerse going to focus the character.

At present, the actor Mahershala Ali will play a new version of Blade for the UCM, whose first appearance occurred at the end of Eternals, even if it is only by voice. However, it does not seem that Morbius and Blade cross their ways by belonging to different universes; Although weird things have been seen.