Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment announces the publication of the content update “Steel Gladiators” for the PostApokalyptic Online ActionGame Crossout. The game has been extended to the new temporally limited competition mode “Arena” and the new Battle pass season has begun to bring new weapons and vehicle parts to crossout.

“Arena” offers fast and wild “3 against 3” battles in special compact arenas, in which a team has to win three rounds to win the victory. At the beginning of each new round, players can change the armored vehicle to adapt to the tactics of the enemy.

There are two versions of the arena: standard and rating. In the latter, players get up with every victory in the leaderboards and can rise to a higher league. For the achievement of the “golden”, “silver” and “bronze” leagues, the players receive appropriate backgrounds and emblems for profile adaptation as well as other special rewards. Arena mode is available until March 20th.

Crossout: «Steel Gladiators» UPDATE PREVIEW

The new Battle Pass Season of “Steel Gladiators” offers players the opportunity to unlock 54 rewards. There are cool new vehicle parts, e.g. The ADRON cab, which was originally intended for space shuttles, has proven to be very useful for armored vehicles in the postalapalyptic world.

The most interesting new weapon system is probably the sabotage drone “SD-15 Vulture”. After shooting in a particular area, the drone floats in the air and activates its own invisibility module. When an enemy appears nearby, the “Vulture” clings to its important parts to destroy them and then explodes.

Last but not least, there is a new relic weapon in Crossout, the brutal windscreen tower “Ripper”. He extends circular saw blades that temporarily stuck in objects in the area and cause increased impact damage. This makes it easy to fall! Like all other reliktwaffen, the “Ripper” can only be made on the Engineers-Werkbank “Secret Workshop”.