There are several colorful characters with which you can make friends with Cat Cafe Manager. If you get close to them, they will even give you cool or rare gifts!

How to get items from regulars in Cat Cafe Manager

Cozy Demos Ep. 14 - Cat Cafe Manager

You need to improve relationships with your own regulars to receive gifted special items. To get the first round of gifts from each travener, you need to get them somewhere at level 2 relationship level (sometimes it may vary depending on how visits are coming).

To do this, wait for notifications that you can make a call to the usual (once a day). Go to the red telephone booth on the right side of the card next to the road. Call them and let them come to your cafe. Then you can improve your relationship with them. As soon as you achieve the desired level, they will automatically give you a gift.

All items that you get from the 2nd level from regulars in Cat Cafe

  • Karl-Lall – Sensual Cat Potion (Magic Aura: 1)
  • Finley – Boombox (cool: 1)
  • Bonner – Naina Image (Art: 1)
  • Arvel – Guncat beauty statuette (Entertainment: 1, Technology: 1, high cost: 1)
  • Mateo – dubious inspirational poster (Art: 1)

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