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Among them, the Ace Card “Knight Flulldris” of the “Dragma” theme is the same person as the new card “Aoi’s Aoji” that has been added with the Summoning Production on April 4 Do you know?

“The Knight Flul Doris” is how many “female knights” and characteristic of the “teaching” theme, along with the “saint of the teaching”. There will be many people.

Such she turns into a ridiculous wolf! I would like to believe in a truly believe, but the “Feel-like Headlicker” setup of the official Twitter can be confirmed for the “Full Doris” of the dragma era.

What no matter did she turned into a wolf from a woman knight and sister? The reason is actually talked with the magnificent back story.

# ◆ “ Knights ” to “Aoi’s Eye’s Artagonist”, a story that is too long!

The original “Frulldris” illustration is the whole body armor, and I do not know if it is a gender. From that silhouette, it is only a woman who feels femininately….

However, “Failure of the Iron Beast”, which is “Teaching” and “Iron Beast” related card, etc., the figure of Flul Doris removed from her wolf is drawn. She can confirm her purplish her silver hair (the opponent who is fighting is also a popular character, “It is a popular character ‘s shyring”).

Actually, “Full Doris” is also the saint as “Ekreecia”. She is a rouser who gained a force on her hands with her hands. Therefore, she looks a knight, but her tribe is treated as a “magical family”.

Well, Frulldoris “Teacher” was hardly competing with the “Iron Battle Line”, but at some time there is a sudden change. The “Hall”, the “Hall” opens in the air, and “Single Dragon Albion” comes down.

In order to accompany this anomalous situation, “Iron Beast” and Flul Doris, Ekurei et al. Counter. After that, there are various things that Ekrezer will be “Extrusional Ekre” and escape from the teaching nation, but the story will deviate and the details will be omitted.

# ● Teacher Running and transformed to Despia (Dragma)

After that, the person of “Teacher’s Odami Government” reveals the identity, and the Marks applied to the people will be changed (“Despian”). Thus “Teaching National Drugma” was changed to “Seng Gastroan Despia” .

Due to its influence, “Albu’s drop” that has run away with Ekrecesia also runs away. Pinch visits in Ekrecesia.

On the other hand, Flul Doris, who knew that Ekrekia was impeached, has been withdrawn from the teaching nation dragma. She joined with “Hateno” to seal her Mark. Eventually she appears to save the Ecreusia where the crisis is approaching.

The appearance of that time is the new card “Eye’s Aoji”! She became likely to wear an atmosphere like “” from her previous “female knight”.

The reason for the above-mentioned chest in the above-mentioned chest is the reason why Full Doris became “Girl”. By the way, “The Eye Aoi’s Headers” is also “Saint”, and “the Knight of the Teacher” is the “Magic Use”.

The official guidebook, “The Valuebook EX2”, also contains the subsequent deployment. A new figure of “Aiji”, Flul Doris joined with Ekrekia and Albu. And the story of “Despia”, which has been bad, has a big shock, including its earlier, but this time so far.

Currently, the “Sword” card implemented in “Master Duel” is only “Aoi’s Swordsman”. There is also a major potential to develop stories that include “Seiken” at Solo Mode. Let’s wait.