Darmstadt 1943 (Hochschulstadion)

Glatzel awards Elfer – HSV is subject to SCP

The HSV can continue to win no game in the 2nd league in April and lost 1: 2 against Paderborn. The hamburgers laid an astreinen false start. Jatta Patzte after seconds in midfield and Srbeny lifted the leather from about 40 meters over Heuer Fernandes into the gateway. In the episode, the HSV extremely had a lot of possession, but the SCP defended clever with a fiffer chain and allowed little to pause. The best chance got Glatzel, but whose elfer was kept strong by Keeper Huth. A little later increased Srbeny to 2: 0. The supposed connection hit of the Hamburgers was receased by VAR. The counterpart in the detention time after goalkeepatzer of Huth came ultimately late. Thus, the team of Tim Walter has now been five games without victory and rise places out of reach.

Darmstadt does not slip off despite winter break – and overtakes St. Pauli

Darmstadt secured a deserved threesome against Holstein Kiel in the ascent race. The game was still on the cant on Saturday morning because it had reached abundantly. However, with the help of numerous volunteer helpers, it succeeded in free the space from the snow. The lilies went to lead early. Baders flank was unsullied to the shot and landed on the net. Darmstadt was the much better team and scored the 2-0 before the break by Seydel. After switching shortened Kiels Joker Wriedt equal to the 1: 2, but in return the old distance was restored and Manu met 3.1. In addition, Holstein was still a penalty.

At least for one night Darmstadt stands again after the victory at the top of the 2nd league. For the FC St. Pauli conceded a 0-1 defeat in Rostock after a much uninspired appearance and falls backwards due to the poorer goal difference behind the identical lilies. The gate of the evening for the molded rostockers, which first recorded four victories in a row in the 2nd league, reached left-back Neidhart from a pointed angle (59th). Hansa thus made the next step towards league.

Hannover can not use major over Regensburg

For Hannover, the air in the basement is always thinner after the draw against Jahn Regensburg. The guests were first introduced by a standard: Best corner headed Albers on the second post into the stitches. However, the Jahn was a little later at night, Boukhalfa looked after a bad foul the red card. The Lower Saxony used her overpass even before the break by proud compensation. But the households hardly had chances, and Regensburg defended the draw well.

Terodde extends Dresden’s negative run and the S04 performance series

Simon Terodde Imago / RHR photo

Over 30,000 spectators in Dresden and a bold SGD – but in the end, Schalke took the points in 2: 1. Dynamo had post povern and S04 Terodde. The hit by a penalty (the first this season for Schalke) shortly before and shortly after the break, his goal account screwed up to 21 and made for the third victory in a row under the new coach Mike Büskens. It also changed nothing more about it. Dresden remains victorious in 2022 and thus on the relegation rank, but nine counter before a relegation place.

Later Neck Stretch for Long Decimated Aue in Ingolstadt

The basement duel in Ingolstadt seemed to be decided after 24 minutes. Aues Owusu faithful in the 7th minute, Ingolstadt used the overpayment by a double strike of Schmidt and Musliu. Differently, despite the subnumbered in passage two, marriage Poulsen in the detention time from the distance met – 3: 2! The final light FCI was allowed to re-cheer after four defeats in a row, but remains behind Erzgebirge, which should also have little opportunities on the relegation site with further nine points on the relegation site.