Sony has missed his subscription PS plus a new painting. Thus, PlayStation approaches the competitor Xbox and its established Game Pass. One thing you want to do with PS plus but different: For the time being, no in-house games will be included in the PS-Plus subscription release in order to secure the quality of the games.

PS Plus: No Sony games to the release

Only recently Sony revealed his new concept for the subscription PS Plus. While the base subscription does not differentiate from the original PS plus, the combine two new subscription models PS PLUS and PS NOW – and thus approach the Xbox Game Pass.

Sony Responds To Xbox Game Pass...
A bitter pill need to swallow PlayStation players, because in no one of the three subscriptions there will be games of First-Party developers to release – at least not in the next time . This confirms PlayStation boss Jim Ryan in an interview with Gamesindustry.

_ “So I do not want to chide nothing in stone at this time. I only talk about the approach that we pursue for a short view. As our publishing model works at the moment, it does not make sense. But things can change very quickly in this industry, as we all know. ” (Source: Gamesindustry) _

The quality of Sony games would otherwise suffer

In the interview PlayStation-CEO Jim Ryan also explains why Sony decides against Microsoft’s strategy for the time being. He speaks of a functioning cycle , because investing in their own studios and games lead to success, which enables further investment, which in turn lead to even more success. To make Sony games for subscription members of day one available, could break this cycle and result in a domino effect.

_ “The amount of investments we need to work in our studios would not be possible and we believe that the impact on the quality of the games , which we develop can not be desired by the players.” _

At the same time, many players would surely be happy to be able to play Games like God of War Ragnarök or Spider-Man 2 directly to the start with PS Plus. It will be foreseeable if Sony will eventually change his mind.